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Characteristics of the Heating Pipe for Box Wrapping Machines

The main characteristics of the heating pipe for wrapping machines are:

1. Made of high-temperature corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy or steel to withstand high temperatures and corrosion.

2. Hollow tube structure for easy heating by heat transfer medium inside the tube.

3. Polished surface to mirror effect increases heat transfer efficiency.

4. Customizable heating section length and position to meet different soft film heating needs.

5. Ring-shaped fixing devices on both ends for quick disassembly and replacement.

6. Insulation layer on outer surface to reduce heat loss and save energy.

7. Selectable heating temperatures based on film material to avoid overheating damage.

8. Firm installation of the entire heating pipe without extra stress on the soft film.

9. Stable heating temperature and effect for long-term operation.

10. Long service life and easy maintenance.

In summary, the laminating machine heating pipe uses excellent materials, reasonable design to effectively achieve uniform heating of soft film for laminating process, which is a key component of the laminating machine.

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