120m hot stamping foil anodized aluminum leather paper plastic hot stamping paper gold and silver

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Name Application Average weight Size
For Paper Paper, Light film, Matte film 1.7kg/Roll 0.64*120m
For Plastic Paper, Light film, Matte film, Plastic, Ads, cpp, etc
For Leather Leather
For Fabric Fabric
Laser Paper, Light film, Matte film, Plastic, Ads, cpp, Leather, Leather surface, PVC tablecloth soft film, etc.
Double-sided Plastic Transparent plastic


low price gold hot stamping foil for paperDescription of Product

Cold stamping foil is the product of an innovative technology; it can be printed in multiple colors, shines with a metallic texture, and gives an impression of luxury.
Compared to hot stamping, which involves pressing foil with a mold, cold stamping involves the use of a screen for off-set printing.
This enables printing that is not possible by hot stamping — printing of gradations, fine lines and characters.
A combination of metal foil and off-set color printing can produce designs like photographs in various brilliant metallic colors in addition to gold and silver.
1) Thickness: 12 microns
2) Normal size: 12 microns x 0.64m x 120m/roll or according to your requirements
3) Color: gold, silver, red, green, blue, black and so on
4) Storage:
a) Protected from pressure, dampness, heat, and sunshine
b) Place in ventilated, shaded and cool places
1) Before a successful testing, products can not be mass process. 
2) After stamping can not hand wipe, it is better that do the washing testing after 24 hours.

Application of Product:

1.Hot stamping foil on plastic
used on the surface of PP, PE, OPP glazed paper box, pensil, fabric, PVC buff, etc.

2. Hot stamping foil on paper
used on the common paper and bright glazed paper, laser hot stamping foil is much more
beautiful and bright than the traditional hot stamping foil, and laser hot stamping foil is
easily adapted to the automatic fast hot stamping machine


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